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Services - Steven E Hutchins Architects


SEHA offers the full complement of services available in the Architectural profession. The scope of our services on a given project is completely driven by the client and specific project needs. In addition to the conventional Schematic Design through Construction Administration services, there is a host of other services for Pre-Design, Post Construction and specialized design phase services that can enhance your project whatever the stage. Please refer to the listing of services below that we offer at the highest level of experience and competence





CommercialOur formula for the successful commercial project has been to create a balance between the expression of a corporate image and the development of an efficient workplace. This arises out of a researched knowledge of the company’s character and operations being translated into built form employing appropriate and economical building systems and technologies. Projects have included office buildings both public and private, space planning, medical clinics, printeries, light manufacturing and industrial projects.


HospitalitySome of our largest and most notable work has been the hotel, restaurant and entertainment projects in Florida, and the Caribbean including St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. Lucia and Anguilla. Success in these projects has been in our ability to balance the creation of relaxing environments with architectural identity against efficient design and economical building systems sensitive to the local trades. Projects have included hotels, convention centers, casino control offices, restaurants, nightclubs, time sharing and luxury condominiums.


Mult-ifamilyMultifamily work has been the most diverse and the most prolific area of our practice. We have completed projects ranging from affordable housing to luxury waterfront and urban condominiums. Work has included privately funded and speculative projects as well as federally funded work involving FmHA and HUD. We also have extensive experience in renovation and remodeling of multifamily buildings having completed over 1,900 units.



Single FamilySingle family projects have always been one of the most important in our repertoire as architects. The amplified level of detail and opportunities for architectural expression in these projects serves to showcase our exceptional emphasis on design. We have completed in excess of 90 single family projects in Florida and the Caribbean. Our contextual approach to architectural style has led to a number of projects being cited and published in a diversity of design expressions.



HistoricalOne of the most rewarding areas of our practice has been in restoration and rehabilitation, particularly our involvement with historic projects. Equal to the satisfaction of contributing to our architectural heritage has been meeting the technical and creative challenges of feasible restoration projects. We have been cited for excellence in design as well as for our engineering solution on our historic restoration projects. Our work has included restoration of 12 buildings over 100 years old, 4 buildings over 200 years old, measured drawings and Department of the Interior Specifications and Historical Society approvals. We have also completed rehabilitation work on over 350 recent or non-historical buildings, many of these resulting from hurricane damage.


Interior DesignTenant improvement work is another strong component of the practice with completed work in public and private sectors and projects ranging from small design studios to multi-floor, 20,000 sq ft call centers.  Our in-house interior design department and resources enables efficient delivery of this project type.